Learn more about the Digital Music Lab!

Want to learn more about the Music & Arts Library’s Digital Music Lab? Attend an info session in October!

The Lab is designed to enable users to play, compose, record, scan, notate, edit, program, and analyze digital music, audio, and musical notation.

Three sessions will be offered, providing an overview of the resources of the Lab, and highlighting some sample projects. Software includes Finale, Sibelius, Logic Pro, Audacity, Amadeus Pro, Max/MSP, Ableton Live, Audiosculpt, OpenMusic, Transcribe!, MacGamut, and more. The Lab also offers 2 digital pianos, equipped with MIDI interfaces to capture performances at the keyboard and to input music notation, and a large-format (11″x17″) scanner.

Sessions will be offered on:

  • Friday, 10/7, 1-2:30pm
  • Wednesday, 10/12, 1-2:30 pm
  • Friday, 10/21, 2-3:30 pm
Registration is required. To register, go to this link.
If you’re unable to attend these sessions, but would like to be notified of future sessions, or schedule a consultation on any of the resources of the Lab, please email us at musiclibrary@columbia.edu.