Resounding Images: Medieval Intersections of Art, Music, and Sound – May 3, 9am-6pm

The Dept. of Music co-sponsors this interesting interdisciplinary event, on Friday, May 3, from 9am-6pm, as part of the University Seminar on Medieval Studies. Prof. Susan Boynton, from the Music Dept. faculty, will present opening remarks.

From the event page:

“Although sound is probably the most difficult component of the past to reconstruct, it was also the most pervasive, whether planned or unplanned, instrumental or vocal, occasional or ambient. This conference brings together specialists in several fields to explore the now-missing intersection of visual and aural in the experience of medieval environments and objects.”

Distinguished speakers from several institutions will present a fascinating and varied program. Full details are available at this link (note that registration is required for the conference, although it is free).

There will be an associated concert by members of Columbia’s Collegium Musicum, and others, of Byzantine and Latin chant, performed in the Burke Library, on Saturday, May 4, at 3pm. Details on the concert can be found here.

Both the conference and the concert are free and open to the public.