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CLIO beta: limit search to music scores

Limiting your Title or Keyword search results to music scores just got easier in CLIO beta. Responding to user feedback, “Music Scores” has been added to the “Limit” menu under the search box on the main CLIO search page (also available: “Music Sound Recordings” and “Videos/Films”). You can also limit your results after your search, by selecting from the limits on the sidebar to the right of your search results.

So, limiting results to music scores, sound recordings, or videos is now a one-click operation, either before or after your search.

Questions? Contact us at musiclibrary@columbia.edu.

CLIO beta tutorial videos available!

Some very useful video tutorials on using CLIO beta have been put up by Barnard Library, at this link. Although the videos emphasize Barnard content, they are still an excellent introduction to some of the general features of CLIO beta, and to searching in general.

For searching CLIO for music-related items, one additional thing to note is that you can limit your title or keyword searches to music sound recordings, music scores, or videorecordings, by using the “Limit To” drop-down menu, below the search box.

If you find that you have additional questions about searching for recordings or for music scores, don’t hesitate to contact us, at musiclibrary@columbia.edu!

Introducing CLIO Beta!

As you may have noticed, a new and re-designed version of CLIO is now available. It’s titled CLIO Beta, and, as that implies, is an ongoing development which will, we hope, offer an easy-to-use and convenient interface to the Libraries’ collections.

Please note the green “feedback” button towards the top of the search page. Your input is important, so don’t hesitate to use this to comment, request features, etc.

I’d like to point out a few general and a few music-specific things:

  • In old CLIO, results showed in “brief view” and “full view”, and you had to click through to the “full view” in order to see information on performers and ensembles for recordings. Happily, CLIO Beta now has one all-inclusive record, which lists contents and information on performers on the same page as the title, author, and call number information.
  • Note that in CLIO Beta that the default search type is set to “keyword” (was “title” in old CLIO).
  • Note that in CLIO Beta your results list from a keyword search is sorted by “relevance” (was “date, newest” in old CLIO). You can re-sort by choosing from the “Sort by” menu on the right side of the screen.
  • Quick Limits – as in the old CLIO, you can use the “Limit to” menu to limit your search to sound recordings or video recordings (remember that these limits work only with Title and Keyword searches).
  • Limiting results to music scores – in order to limit your search results to music scores, go to the Advanced search page. From there you can select “music scores” under the “format” pull-down menu
  • The sidebar – note that many services and links have moved to the pale blue sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen. This is where you’ll find the links to place recalls/holds, or connect to Borrow Direct or Inter-Library Loan.
  • Some new features! Note that you can now email a CLIO record to your cell phone (as well as send it as normal email). Also, each record now has a stable URL (at the bottom of the record) which can be saved, or shared, and which will correctly link back to the record you’ve chosen. For example, you could link to this recording.

One last note: you may notice some results marked with this icon:   and the text “not available”. This may just indicate that the item is checked out – so, unavailable for the moment. Remember that you can request a hold or recall, or, if you need the item right away, try a Borrow Direct request.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need help in searching, at musiclibrary@columbia.edu. Comments on CLIO beta can also be sent using the “What do you think?” button at the top of the CLIO search page.