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Reminder: Renew any older semester-loan items by 9/30/11

Reminder: Items checked out with the previous semester loan due date of 9/30/11 will be due by that date.

The new semester loan due date is February 15, 2012. Items may be renewed online under “My Library Account” in CLIO, or by bringing them to any library circulation desk.

Questions, problems? Contact us at musiclibrary@columbia.edu.

Semester Loan Due Date now 9/30/11 – Renew your items

The Semester Loan due date has now been advanced to 9/30/11. You can now renew any semester-loan-eligible items (most books and scores). Items may be renewed online, via the “My Library Account” in CLIO, for up to 10 times. So, you can take Hermann Abert’s 1515-page biography of Mozart to the beach! Fun times! Or, perhaps just some piano music to catch up on over the summer? We’re not putting any pressure on anyone.

If you have problems or questions about your renewals, you can contact us at musiclibrary@columbia.edu (or ask at the circulation desk in 701 Dodge).

Reminder: Renew any of your semester loan items due Feb. 15

If you haven’t already, remember to renew any of your semester-loan items due on February 15th, 2010. Renewed items will be extended to the current semester loan date of June 1, 2010. It’s important to renew any items you haven’t already renewed, in order to avoid overdue charges.

You can renew your items online by logging in to your library account in CLIO (classic or beta). Note that some items may not be renewed if they have been recalled by other patrons, or if you have reached the limit of 10 online renewals per item.

Contact us with any question or problems, at musiclibrary@columbia.edu.

Renew your semester loan items due 2/15/10

The new semester loan due date for check-outs and renewals is now June 1, 2010. So, now is a good time to renew any semester-loan items you want to continue using! To avoid overdue charges and other problems, remember to renew your items before February 15, 2010 (the due date for any semester loan items you currently have checked out and have not yet renewed).

As always, online renewal (up to 10 times, unless recalled) is available for most items by accessing the “My Library Account” tab in CLIO. Questions or problems? Contact us at musiclibrary@columbia.edu.

REMINDER – Renew your semester loan items due 9/30/09!

Just a reminder to renew any items you have checked out on semester loan!

Any books or scores checked out before Sept. 2, 2009 will be due on Wednesday, Sept. 30th. Make sure to renew or return these items, to avoid overdue fines and/or circulation blocks.

Items may be renewed online, by accessing “My Library Account” (under “Using the Libraries” on Library Web, or via the “My Library Account” tab in CLIO).

The new semester loan due date for renewed books and scores will be Feb. 15th, 2010 (please note that this does not apply to recordings, which circulate on a 2-week loan, not semester loan).

If you have questions about renewals, or anything else, please contact us at music@libraries.cul.columbia.edu.

Semester loan due date is now 9/30/09 – Renew your items!

The semester loan due date has advanced to 9/30/09. So, you may now renew any semester loan items which will be due on 6/1/09. Online renewals may be done by clicking on the “My Library Account” tab in CLIO.

Be sure to complete renewal of semester-loan items before 6/1/09. Please make sure to note any items which are not renewed. Reasons for this commonly include recalls placed by other patrons, or hitting the 10-renewal limit for items. Please bring those items into the library for in-person renewal or return. Let us know if you have any questions or problems! You can reach us at music@libraries.cul.columbia.edu or at 212-854-4711.