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Due dates over Winter Break

Please note: no regular circulating items will fall due over the Winter Break, between Monday 12/22/08 and Monday 1/19/09. This will not affect most printed items, as they generally circulate on semester loan (the next semester loan due date is 2/16/09). However, circulating recordings, with a 2-week loan period, are affected, and these items will not fall due over the break between the dates indicated above.

Please contact us at (212) 854-4711or at music@libraries.cul.columbia.edu if you have any questions (or post your question here, and we’ll respond).

Recordings circulate for 2 weeks to all full-time students, faculty and staff

Hey, music lovers…!

Did you know that sound and video recordings in the Music & Arts Library circulate for 2 weeks, to all Columbia full-time students, faculty, and staff?

Check ’em out!

  • Almost all sound and video recordings are listed in CLIO.
  • Use “Quick Limit” feature in a CLIO search to specify either sound or video recordings.
  • If you want to see only CDs as a result of your keyword search, try including the keyword “digital” along with your other search terms, for example “mozart magic flute digital”. Our CD call numbers all begin with the CD prefix (L, LS, W, and JS are all call number prefixes for vinyl LPs).
  • If you need further help with search tips for recordings, contact us – music searching can sometimes be tricky, and we’re glad to help!

Note that all of our vinyl LP recordings (yes, remember – records?!) are held in Offsite storage. You’ll see “Offsite” locations for those items; request them by clicking on the “Offsite” button at the bottom of the CLIO record. Delivery time is 2 business days, and turntables are available in the Music & Arts Library, if you don’t have access to your own.

Circulation Policies

Most of our books, scores, and recordings circulate. Most books and scores circulate on a semester loan, and most recordings circulate for 2 weeks, to students, staff and faculty of Columbia University.

The main circulation policies for the Music & Arts Library are available in our Quick Reference Guide. Please note that some materials are restricted to in-library use only, and that not all services are available on weekends. Contact us at music@libraries.cul.columbia.edu if you have further questions.

If you are not a Columbia affiliate, and have questions about accessing the Columbia University Libraries, please visit the Library Information Office web pages for further info.