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With the support of a grant from the National Marine Fisheries Service, the University of Southern Mississippi Center for Oral History continues its work capturing the stories of those whose livelihood depends on the Gulf Coast’s seafood industry, which was threatened by the 2010 Oil Spill on the Gulf of Mexico. The Center has talked with crabbers, shrimpers and oyster harvesters across the Gulf of Mexico about the challenges the disaster has presented to their way of life and the foodways of the region.

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University of Winnipeg Professor Leads Oral History Project on Salvadoran Voices of Manitoba

Professor of Oral History at the University of Winnipeg in Canada, Alexander Freund, has begun documenting the history of the migration of refugees to Manitoba after World War II, focusing on the Salvadoran community: the most populous Latin American group to arrive as a result of the war.

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Lecturer at University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee Completes Milwaukee Transgender Oral History Project

In an effort to show that oral history is “one of the best ways non-transgender people can get to know and understand those who are transgender,” archivist and lecturer at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Brice Smith, completed an oral history project dedicated to stories of transgender people in the Milwaukee community in a little over a year. The project is now stored in the UWM library archives and is fully accessible to students and to the public. It includes 10 hours of audio and more than 200 pages of transcript.

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The Memory Project Documents Oral Testimonies on the 1991-2002 Civil War in Sierra Leone, Africa

Similar to Voices of Rwanda, an Oral History project documenting the 1994 Rwandan genocide, the Memory Project, led by the director of the Jeneba Project, Joseph Kaifla, will give those who lived through the Civil War in Sierra Leone the opportunity to give oral testimonies about what happened and how they were affected by the war. The project will serve as “a platform for justice”, with hopes of educating community youth in order to provide understanding and prevent a brutal civil war from happening again.

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Retired Music Executive Donates Interviews with Bob Dylan and more to Library of Congress

According to the NY Daily News, retired music executive, Joe Smith, will donate more than 200 rare audio interviews recorded while President of Capitol Records with popular singers including Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Paul McCartney, Barbra Streisand, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner and others to the Library of Congress.

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Western Carolina University Library Releases “Stories of Mountain Folk”

As the first audio collection released by Hunter Library at the University of Western Carolina, “Stories of Mountain Folk,” an oral history collection produced by a western North Carolina not-for-profit, Catch the Spirit of Appalachia, has now become available through the library’s website. The collection’s interviews cover traditions, events and life stories of regional individuals of Western Carolina including gardeners, herbalists, farmers, musicians, artists and writers, and is now searchable by name, place, and topic in the collection’s online archives.

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Visit the collection here.


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