Podcast Club

Image of a poster advertising Columbia Libraries' Podcast Club

Want to try your hand at podcasting but not sure where to start? Join the Libraries’ podcast club this fall to explore audio as a new way to tell stories and share research along with fellow students! Over the course of an eight-week project, teams of students will have the opportunity to explore unique items from the Libraries’ archives and Rare Books and Manuscript collections selected and shared by Columbia librarians and curators.

Podcast Club students will be taught to use professional recording equipment and software and will be given access to the Libraries’ new podcast recording studio. Whether you’re interested in script writing, narration, sound editing, music, or digital publishing, there’s a way to get involved and learn something new through producing podcasts together.

Podcast Club FAQ:

When is Podcast Club? 

Podcast Club meets form 5-7pm on Thursdays and runs for 9 weeks. Podcast club usually begins a few weeks into the semester. Dates for Podcast Club Fall 2020 are still TBD   

I don’t know anything about podcasting. Can I still come?

Absolutely! We’ll be learning new skills together and many people will be beginners. Depending on what interests you about podcast club you can choose a role that is technical and explore the audio hardware and sound editing softwares we support in the library (even with no experience) or contribute to research, lend your voice to the narration, compose music, or help code our podcast website. There will be something for everyone.  

Who can join this club?

Any student at Columbia or Barnard can join podcast club. We welcome undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students to collaborate in a spirit of equality and mutual respect. Staff and faculty are encouraged to attend our Workshop Essentials series or to explore podcasting orientations and partnerships.

What if I can’t come every week or need to miss a meeting? 

Don’t worry! We’ll be learning new things and working on our podcasts during Thursday Club meetings, but there are other ways to keep working with your team even if you can’t make it each week. Each group will be set up with a Slack channel so that they can check in with each other remotely and stay in touch over the course of our projects. The Digital Publishing Workshop site has a variety of tutorials and resources for learning on your own and the Libraries will offer an annual six-week workshop series on Podcasting Essentials this fall on Thursday afternoons at 12pm.  

I have another question about Podcast Club — who can I ask?

You can email the Digital Publishing Librarian, Michelle Wilson