Podcast with the Libraries

There are two ways to take advantage of podcasting tools and services at Columbia University Libraries: Podcasting Partnerships and our Podcast Essentials Workshop series. Anyone who wishes to use the Libraries’ hosting and publishing services for their podcasts may submit an partnership application, as outlined below.

Podcasting Partnerships

Interested in partnering with the Libraries to host and publish your podcast? Drop us a line to let us know; Once we’ve heard from you we’ll be in touch to let you know whether we’d like to talk further or have you attend a podcasting orientation.

All prospective podcasters will be evaluated to ensure they meet our criteria of originality, scholarly merit, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion. Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis and podcasters should expect to hear a response within 4 weeks. All podcasts who publish with the Libraries will be granted:

  • Access to our podcast hosting site and a branded page for their podcast
  • RSS feed hosting for three years for their podcast
  • Registration of their podcast with Apple iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and other major directories
  • Archiving of their podcast content in Academic Commons, the University Repository
  • Through archiving in Academic Commons, minting of DOIs and cataloging of content in the university’s library catalog

Learn more about our partnerships by reading through our Podcasting Partnership Agreement. This agreement will need to be signed to formalize the partnership. The signatory must be a faculty member, librarian, or student at Columbia University. The three year period for RSS feed hosting will start when the first episode is uploaded.

Podcasting Orientations

Attend an orientation to learn more about the Libraries’ partnership program and the services we provide. We will also highlight resources for podcasters and what the expectations are for partners in our program. Podcasting Orientations are held once per month and must be registered for online in advance. Anyone in the Columbia Community is welcome to register.

This year, orientations will take place on the following dates:

September 18 2020

October 23 2020

November 20 2020