What were the main ingredients in recipes from 1902-1904?

Among the recent additions to the University Archives is a fascinating recipe book put together by Clara Schauffler (1879-1972) from her time as a student in domestic science at Teachers College from September 1902 to June 1904.

cookbook pages from Columbia University Archives
Clara Elizabeth Schauffler created a recipe book from the domestic science courses she took at Teachers College from September 1902 to June 1904.

As a student pursuing the then-new two-year curriculum in domestic science, Schauffler took DS 10, Foods and DS 11, Foods, Advanced Course with Professor Helen Kinne and Mrs. Mary Forrest. Schauffler organized the class materials, the typed handouts with her corrections in pencil, and created this recipe book by pasting the recipes onto paper and placing them in a small, three-ring binder.

cookbook recipe page
Tempting recipes?

She was very organized. The recipe book is arranged by topic and then alphabetically: Beverages; Bread; Cake; Desserts; Candy; Fruit; Jellies and Pickles; Cheese; Eggs; Fish (including shell fish); Meat (including Variety Meats and Chicken); Vegetables; Rice, Macaroni, Cereals; Soup; Sauces (including sweet sauces); Salad Dressings, and Invalid Dishes. After the table of contents, there is an alphabetical recipe title index, from Almond Hardbake to Yeast Breads.

– Jocelyn Wilk, University Archives Curator