Newly opened (or refreshed) collections – August 2018

Head Archivist Kevin Schlottmann shares collections newly opened* by RBML archivists.

* Some collections are not new, but have been re-processed and properly described. Consider them refreshed!


Aleksandr Kazem-Bek papers, 1898-2014

“The Aleksandr Kazem-Bek Papers consist of correspondence, family and
personal documents, writings, lectures, notes, manuscripts,
photographs, printed and research materials related to the life and
professional and political activities of Aleksandr Kazem-Bek – Russian
émigré social and political activist, founder and leader of the “Union
of Young Russia” (“Mladorossy”), professor of Russian language and
literature, and journalist. ”

A significant addition was processed, and the entire finding aid was
reviewed and improved.

Shihui Xiong papers, 1907-1974
“The Shihui Xiong papers mainly document the political life of Xiong.
The collection contains papers, photographs, and calligraphy scrolls
by him, dating from 1907 to 1974, with the bulk of the materials
focusing on his involvement in the northeast region from 1930 to

This collection was re-processed and properly described.

Ding’an Hu papers, 1950-1953
“The Ding’an Hu papers consist of Dr. Hu’s correspondence and research
work during his time as a research scholar at Columbia University
between 1950 and 1953. The papers include correspondence regarding Dr.
Hu’s performance and his status as a research scholar at Columbia
University, handwritten and typewritten manuscripts of Dr. Hu’s
research writing on acupuncture and moxa, and an acupuncture roll.”

This collection was re-processed and properly described.

Leslie H. Dingyan Chen’s Collection of Historiographic Materials for
a Biography of Chen Chiung-Ming, 1988

This collection was re-processed and properly described.

Hongxun Ling papers, 1916-1974

The Hongxun Ling papers document Ling’s life as a railway engineer and
his contribution to the development of rail infrastructure in China
during the Republican period. This collection was re-processed and properly described.

Zhaogao Wu letters, 1923-1929

This collection was re-processed and properly described.

Oral histories (39) from the Academia Sinica that did not previously
have independent CLIO records.

Marvin I. Herzog papers, 1942 – 2008

“Marvin Herzog (1927-2013) was a professor of Yiddish at Columbia University.”

Luciano Rebay Collection of Giuseppe Ungaretti, 1964-1970, [bulk 1927-1989]
“The collection consist mostly of reel to reel tapes (18) and
cassettes (22) of lectures given by Giuseppe Ungaretti at Columbia
University, 1964, and University of Oklahoma, 1970. There are typed
copies of his lectures on Giacomo Leopardi; photographs of Ungaretti;
2 medallions; and two books.”

Bert Hansen Educational Comics Collection, 1941-2004

“Bert Hansen is a professor emeritus of history at Baruch College. …
for those interested in the less well-known history of comic books, or
of educational literature for children…”

The Howard Stoner Course Materials collection, 1994-2017
“The Howard Stoner Course Materials collection contains syllabi,
hand-outs, and other teaching materials collected by Howard Stoner, a
New York City-based advertising executive who audited over 70 courses
at Columbia and Barnard between 1994 and 2017.”

Michael Reynard Collection

“Dr. Michael Reynard is an ophthalmologist in Santa Monica, California
and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including
Providence St. John’s Health Center and UCLA Medical Center-Santa
Monica. He received his medical degree from Columbia University
College of Physicians & Surgeons in 1978.”

Marie Runyon Papers, 1955-2008

“Marie Runyon is an activist and former New York State legislator.
Born in North Carolina in 1915, she moved to Morningside Heights and
in 1963 began a decades long fight against Columbia University over
its real estate practices and expansion in the neighborhood. ”

Reid Hall Records, 1919-1997

“Reid Hall is Columbia University’s study abroad center in Paris, France.”

Industrial Areas Foundation Records, 1977-2016

“The Industrial Areas Foundation has been working in the northeast and
New York metropolitan area for 35 years. The collection documents the
organization’s relationship with four mayors, five governors,
environmental commissioners and several governors in New Jersey,
numerous public and private sector leaders.”

South Africa Divestment Records, 1972-1987

“Beginning in the late 1970s, Columbia students urged the university
to divest from companies doing business in South Africa in protest of
South Africa’s system of apartheid. After a series of student protests
culminating in a month long blockade of Hamilton Hall in 1985, the
Trustees voted to begin full divestment. The collection contains the
administrative records of this decision making process in the
1970s-1980s. ”

Kenneth Neal Waltz Papers, 1940-2012

“Kenneth Waltz (1924-2013) was a professor and scholar of Political
Science and International Relations.”