Book History Colloquium | Who made this book? Bookwork in the Global Supply Chain

18 April 2019 | 6pm | Room 523 Butler Library

Most any author can tell you who published their book, but how many know where it was printed? Or by whom?

This talk explores the nature of contemporary bookmaking amid the realities of a global supply chain, an increasingly casualized labor market, and digital workflows that effortlessly move digital files around the world. The emphasis is not on reportage but rather on raising questions of methodologies and priorities for the field of book history and its relationships to allied projects, including the environmental humanities, the digital humanities, and the work of social justice.

Matt Kirschenbaum, Professor of English and Digital Studies at the University of Maryland, and Director of the Graduate Certificate in Digital Studies, will touch on these issues and explore the state of bookmaking in today’s globalized world.

Image via Giphy

Co-sponsored by the Heyman Center, CU Seminar on Material Texts. Registration is highly recommended