Global Sexualities in the RBML Collections

The  Columbia Research Initiative on the Global History of Sexualities (CRIGHS) recently launched a website and research guide describing approximately 150 archival collections, databases, oral histories, and other sources available across the Columbia and Barnard libraries of interest to historians of sexuality.

Though based in Columbia’s Department of History, CRIGHS’ director, Professor George Chauncey, and history graduate student Nikita Shepard, made connections across the campus’ academic departments and libraries to aggregate and describe invaluable resources in our holdings. From the research guide,

The Columbia University Libraries hold a remarkably rich collection of personal papers, business and organizational records, scrapbooks, oral histories, thematic collections, and databases of value to students, faculty, and other scholars conducting research on the history of sexuality.

Browse the guide and then stop into Columbia and Barnard’s libraries and special collections to get up close and personal with a wealth of resources to aid your research. In particular, check out the RBML and oral history guides to see what sparks your curiosity.