News from RBML’s Archivists | April 2020

archival boxes on shelvesColumbia University Libraries (CUL) remain closed until further notice to aid in the containment of COVID-19, RBML’s archivists won’t be physically processing materials.

Head Archivist Kevin Schlottmann has these updates about our collections from archivists hard at work in their offsite locations.

Please be safe and take advantage of this time to engage with materials you may have collected on previous visits to the RBML. You are also welcome to explore these resources:

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New finding aid
Molly Crabapple drawings for “A Message from the Future with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.” Coincided with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s House Resolution 109, “Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal.”

Updated finding aids

Lucy Sprague Mitchell papers, 1878-1967
“Educator, author. Mitchell was a prominent advocate of experimental education, founder of the Bank Street College of Education, and author of numerous books for children. Mitchell’s corrected manuscripts and correspondence and notes pertaining to them.”

Dwight D. Miner papers on the history of Columbia University, 1938-1978
“Miner’s correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts, manuscript and typescript notes, and printed materials relating to the history of Columbia University.”

Lawyers Committee on American Policy Towards Vietnam records, 1962-1979
“Organized in 1965 by Joseph Harold Crown (1907- ; Columbia University B.A., 1927), a tax lawyer, to promote an end to the American involvement in the Vietnam conflict.”

Melvil Dewey papers
“The professional and personal correspondence, papers, and pamphlet collection of Melvil Dewey, relating to libraries, the American Library Association, library classification, the Lake Placid Club, Columbia College, the New York State Library, and spelling reform. Included are notes for and a typescript of Grosvenor Daws’s biography of Dewey.”

Joseph Dorfman Papers
“Correspondence, manuscripts, notes, documents, book typescripts, photographs, and printed materials covering the time from Dorfman’s early interest, as a graduate student, in the economic thought of Thorstein Veblen until his retirement.”

Moncure Conway Papers
“American author and clergyman”

Henry Parker Willis papers
“Professor of Banking at Columbia University, 1917-1937. Willis was editor of the NEW YORK JOURNAL OF COMMERCE, 1919-1931, and the author of numerous works on banking. Willis was instrumental in drafting the first Federal Reserve Act.”

Gilbert Highet Papers
“This collection contains Classics professor Gilbert Highet’s correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts, notes, photographs, and printed materials relating to his research, writing, and teaching.”

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“Attorney (Columbia University LL.B., 1931), legal scholar, and professor of law at Columbia School of Law from 1933 to 1973.”
“Samuel Oldknow was an English industrialist, the first successful maker of British muslin.”
“Correspondence, documents, and financial records relating almost entirely to the last ten years of Cora Crane’s life, dealing largely with the operation of her brothel, The Court, and touching on her last marriage to Hammond P. McNeil and to her work on the invention of a new army canteen.”
“Correspondence, book orders, invoices, bills, and receipts dealing with the purchase of books by American, Canadian, British, Australian, and a few Western European institutions and individuals.”
“Anna Robertson Brown Lindsay was an author and educator. She attended Wellesley College, Oxford University, and the University of Pennsylvania, becoming the first woman to earn a Ph. D. from the latter in 1892.”
“Materials gathered by Maurice B. Cuba for a projected doctoral dissertation at Columbia University on the life of Robert Dale Owen (1801-1877), social reformer, author, and spiritualist”
“Among the subjects covered are: social legislation, I.L.O., National Child Labor Committee, prohibition, labor, Republican National Committee, Institute for Social Research, League of Nations, humane legislation, housing, Harmon Foundation, Educational Radio Corporation, and the Bergh Foundation.”
“This collection includes letters from prominent sociologists and economists such as Richard T. Ely, Henry C. Adams, Simon N. Patten, Frank W. Taussig, Francis A. Walker, and others, which deal with academic activities in the field of sociology and with Giddings’ book, THE PRINCIPLES OF SOCIOLOGY (New York, 1896).”
“Earl I. Sponable was a chemist, Chief Engineer and Director of Research for Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation and its subsidiaries, 1926-1962. He was active in many aspects of research and development in broadcast and movie media, particularly in early sound film.”
“Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University, leader of the New York Society for Ethical Culture.”
“Joseph Goldmark (1818-1881), Hungarian-born physician whose hobby was chemistry, came to America in 1849, shortly after presenting his discovery of red phosphorous to the Convention of Hungarian Physicians and Naturalists.”
“University Librarian, Temple University”
Samuel Eilenberg Papers, 1902-1996
This collection contains materials by Samuel Eilenberg, former
Columbia mathematics professor and avid art collector. It includes
original mathematics notes, books and article drafts and revisions,
correspondence with fellow mathematicians, friends, art museums and
collectors, photographs, and family, personal and legal documents.
Edward H. Margetson Music Manuscripts
“Black composer and conductor; church organist; choral music specialist; choirmaster. Born in St. Kitts, British West Indies, Margetson came to the United States in 1919 and soon became organist and choirmaster of the church of the Crucifixion in Harlem where Dr. Egerton E. Hall was rector. In 1927 he founded the Schubert Music Society “to quietly work through it among his people.”

Lydia Holubnychy papers, 1923-1975

“Sino-Soviet scholar. Holubnychy (1929-1975) was working on her dissertation at Columbia University at the time of her death.”

Ned Edward Hoopes papers, 1959-1984

“Author, editor and teacher who wrote books and articles on educational television, childrens literature and biographies and who edited several anthologies.”

Frederick W. J. Heuser papers, 1894-1957

“Papers pertaining to Heuser’s studies of Gerhart J.R. Hauptmann (1862-1946)”

Frances Henne papers, 1865-1987

“Professor emeritus of library service at Columbia University (B.L.S., 1935).”

Charles Haywood papers, 1629-1895

“Charles Haywood, 1904- (Columbia M.A., 1940; Ph.D., 1949), performed in opera, concerts, on radio and TV; founded and was co-director of the Dici School of Performing Arts on Long Island; was President of the U.S. Committee of the International Folk Music Council; wrote and edited books about and collections of music, especially folk music; and taught at City University of New York, Juilliard and Columbia.”

Paul R. Hays papers, 1910-1980

“Professor Emeritus, Columbia University School of Law (Columbia B.A. 1925, M.A. 1927, LL.B. 1933) and U.S. Circuit Judge, Second Circuit from 1961.”

International Wizard of Oz Club records, 1955-1977

“The International Wizard of Oz Club was founded in 1957 by Justin G. Schiller (1943-), now a dealer in historical children’s literature.”

Herbert Barber Howe papers, 1887-1957

“Presbyterian minister, 1908-1922; Director of Earl Hall, 1922-1933; and Director of men’s residence halls at Columbia University, 1933-1938.”

Henry Beetle Hough papers, 1841-1994

“H B. Hough (Columbia University School of Journalism, B.Litt. 1918) and his wife, Elizabeth Bowie Hough, 1894-1965 (Columbia University School of Journalism, B.Litt. 1919), were co-owners, publishers, and editors of the Vineyard Gazette (Martha’s Vineyard, MA) from 1920 until 1965.”

Helen R. Hull papers, 1900-1963

“Hull taught English and creative writing at Columbia University, 1916-1958”

Alfred Jeanroy Papers, 1727- 1950

“Professor of Romance Literature and Philology at the Sorbonne.”

Edgar Johnson papers, 1938-1975

“Edgar Johnson (1901-1995) was professor of English at City University of New York from 1927 until 1972.”

Alice Hanson Jones papers, 1700-1982

“Economic historian best known for her studies of colonial American probate inventories and for her book’ Wealth of a Nation to Be : the American Colonies on the Eve of the Revolution.'”

Marshall Kay papers, 1923-1976

“Newberry Professor of Geology at Columbia University. ”

Nicholas Kelley papers, 1953-1963“Kelley was a prominent New York lawyer for the Chrysler Corporation.”

George Kalmanoff papers, 1954-1971

“Economist, author. Kalmanoff was the Associate Director of International Research Projects at the Columbia University Law School in the field of Latin American and third world economic studies, 1959-1965”

Jeanne D’Arc Collection Part II Papers

“Twenty letters addressed to Daniel Polluche “de la Societe Literaire et Historien d’Orleans.”

Greek Press and Information Agency Records

“Correspondence with Greeks, Greek-Americans, Greek officials, and diplomats, American congressmen, senators and other elected officials, print and media journalists, publishers, and other Americans regarding the dictatorship of the Greek colonels from 1967 to 1974.”

Christine Ladd Franklin and Fabian Franklin papers, 1900-1939

“Christine Franklin lectured at Columbia University from 1914 to 1927, was well-known for her method of reducing all syllogisms to a single formula”

Anthony Lawlor Correspondence on Katherine Masefield 

“Autograph and typed letters from various literary people to Lawlor. This correspondence is relevant to his book on Katherine Mansfield.”

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