News from RBML’s Archivists and Collections Managers | October and September 2021

Kevin Schlottmann, RBML’s head archivist, shares a selection of new and updated finding aids, as well as newly available collections.


Photo by David Nitschke on Unsplash

Here are newly processed, newly digitized, and/or newly described RBML collections, including notable oral histories that are now fully available online. 

Newly Digitized Oral History Collections

Individual Interviews

Individual Interviews are those that were collected independently of a collection. Several batches of such interviews were added this period, representing 134 interviews and over 400 tapes. Some noteworthy interviews from these batches include Bayard RustinThurgood Marshall (1977)A. Philip RandolphConstance Baker MotleyD.A. PennebakerStephen Sondheim, and Mary Bancroft. Additionally, audio for two important and very large interviews with Peter and Edith Chang were digitized, representing over 150 tapes.

Good Times oral history collection, 1971-1972
The collection consists of interviews taken by Peter T. Joseph for his senior thesis and subsequent monograph Good Times: An Oral History of America in the Nineteen Sixties. Interviews are short, and document cultural and political trends that Joseph felt defined the decade. Some narrators are among the decade’s prominent figures in politics, science, music, culture, and art, while others represent the experiences of “everyday Americans.”

Rockefeller Foundation oral history collection, 1956-1977
The collection documents the history of various Rockefeller Foundation activities. Interviews were collected independently from each other over the course of two decades. Subjects vary considerably and include foundation administration, public health, plant pathology, and other topics.

Links from Columbia University Library’s online catalog, CLIO, to its Digital Library Collection (DLC)

For ease of access and use, there are 763 new links added to CLIO to make interviews in the DLC more discoverable.

Newly Digitized Archival Materials

League of Women Voters of New York State records, 1912-1981

Bella Abzug Papers, 1969-1986

International Institute of Rural Reconstruction records, 1914-2018

Arthur Mitchell Papers, 1800s-2019, bulk 1934-2019

Newly-created Finding Aids

Joseph Stiglitz papers, 1970s-2010s
“Joseph Eugene Stiglitz is an American economist and a professor at Columbia University.”
Newly encoded from a legacy Word document.

Judson Gooding papers, 1960-1995
“Judson Gooding, American writer. Gooding’s papers, research and articles from his positions of 1967-1969 at Time Inc., free lance work in the 1970’s for various magazines, research for his book ‘The Job Revolution’ and as editor of Next magazine in the 1980’s.”

Cassius Jackson Keyser papers, 1884-1945
“The letters and manuscripts of Keyser, including the notes and manuscripts for his lectures, essays, and books, as well as his correspondence with colleagues and mathematicians throughout the world. There are letters from Benjamin N. Cardozo, Alfred Korzybski, Anna Hempstead Branch, James Truslow Adams, and Clarence Day, Jr.”

Henry Ludwell Moore papers, 1900-1940
“Manuscripts, notebooks, typescripts, and correspondence of Moore, dealing largely with general economic theory, econometrics, and sociology.”

Viktor Kholodkov Papers, 1940-2015
“Viktor Kholodkov (1948-2015), Russian-American Art Dealer and Collector.”

Marvin Drager Papers, 1948-2010*
“Marvin Drager (1920-2013) graduated from St. John’s and received a Masters from Columbia University. After working for the Associated Press, he headed his own public relations firm for many years.”
* Minimally processed, but now has basic description and is available.

Kudos as always to the many staff members, both in RBML and in the Preservation and Digital Conversion Department, Original & Special Materials Cataloging and Digital Library & Scholarly Technologies, that contribute to making our collections more accessible!