Oral History | Newly processed and available collections for October 2023

Kevin Schlottmann shares newly processed and available collections, as well as some exciting updates to oral history records.

Big cheer to archivists Chelsea Reil and David Olson for their efforts in creating pathways to discovering and using these collections, and thanks to our CUL colleagues in other units for their assistance.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Newly Processed Collections

Oral History Research Office microfiche, circa 1945-1989, 1973-1988
“The Oral History Research Office microfiche contains 1165 interviews and the Annual Reports of the OHRO from 1948-1975. The microfiche was published in six segments, the first being published in 1973 and the last in 1988. Microfiche was initially manufactured and sold by the Microfilming Corporation of America (MCA) and then by Meckler Publishing. The microfiche contains interviews from across the collections of the Oral History Archives at Columbia.” The finding aid also includes links to digitally available transcripts for hundreds of frequently used interviews.

New Oral History Records

Digital interviews for these collections are newly available in the DLC.

LGBTQ+ Columbia University oral history collection
“This six-interview collection documents the life experiences of LGBTQ individuals who are alumni of Columbia University or are otherwise affiliated with the university. Experiences discussed are quite broad, as narrators include professors, university administrators, health professionals, a playwright, and a minister. Some common themes addressed include LGBTQ student activism and experience at Columbia, the 1968 student unrest at Columbia University, LGBTQ health issues, HIV/AIDS, family members’ reactions to sexuality, and LGBTQ culture on campus and more broadly. Narrators also reflect on the impact of gender and sexual orientation on a personal level and LGBTQ issues in society over time. The collection is comprised of audio and video digital files and digital and paper-based transcripts. Interviewees are John D’Emilio, Ann Kansfield, Roberta Kaplan, Tony Kushner, Dennis Mitchell, and Laura Pinsky.”

#LoveInAction oral history collection
“The interviews of the #LoveInAction oral history collection were taken to document narrators’ experiences in the Student Interracial Ministry and SIM’s impact on their lives. Interviews were taken around two events. Four narrators were interviewed in conjunction with a SIM reunion: Thomas Boomershine, Margaret (Peggy) Howland, John Schaefer, and Beryl Smith. Two longer interviews were arranged alongside the “Organizing for Racial Justice, 1960s and Today” conference: Charles and Shirley Sherrod and Virginia Wadsley. Three short interviews were taken at a StoryCorps-inspired story booth set up at the conference itself: Janet Hooper, Petra Thombs, and Carol and George Walters.”