How to tame an opossum…and other childhood preoccupations through the Barnard children’s letters

Processing collections according to updated archival standards gives RBML archivists the opportunity to discover anew our collections. In this post, Processing Archivist Celeste Brewer offers us insights into the practice of children writing letters during the Civil War-era. Historians typically foreground the writings and papers of “Great Men,” but as Celeste notes, paying attention to […]

Reprocessing reveals role of disability in Randolph Bourne’s radicalism

Archival materials have the curious ability to change their meanings over time.  Scholars in different eras, regarding the same items, can interpret them in vastly different—sometimes even contradictory—ways.  Largely, this is scholarship functioning as it was intended, as different methods and fields of inquiry develop and are modified in turn.  Yet it is especially true […]

New Exhibition | Dynamic Archives: renaming and identifying collections

Why would an archivist change the name of a collection? That’s the central question behind a new RBML exhibit. Dynamic Archives features examples of archival collections and materials whose naming, identifying and meaning have had to keep up with historical, social and political perspectives, as well as translation practices and epistemologies.

Newly available collections at RBML – April 2018

Head Archivist Kevin Schlottmann shares collections newly opened by RBML archivists. Sarah Addington papers, 1921-1937 “Correspondence, manuscripts and printed stories by Addington. Sarah Addington was born in 1891. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana in 1912. She then studied at Columbia University. She married Howard Carl Reid in […]

Collection Update | The Ben Duncan and Dick Chapman Papers Come Out

In 1990, Ben Duncan and Dick Chapman donated a collection of papers to the Rare Book and Manuscript Library. It was small—just a few boxes of correspondence, literary manuscripts, and publications. Duncan and Chapman nevertheless asked that it be closed to researchers until both of their deaths. What great secret was contained therein? Not many […]

After Processing, Scholarship Begins: Research Applications of the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program Records

On September 30, the Rare Book and Manuscript Library’s three-year project to process the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program Records will officially come to an end.  The project, supported by the Ford Foundation, met several goals.  It supported the processing of approximately 500 linear feet of paper records and 3.6 terabytes of digital records, which […]

Rare Book and Manuscript Library’s First Visiting Scholars Consult Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program Records

  The Rare Book and Manuscript Library achieved a milestone this summer, sponsoring its first group of international visiting scholars in connection with the opening of the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program Records.  The six scholars, visiting from institutions around the world, have spent the summer conducting intensive research using the paper and digital components […]