Winter cheer : the archival edition

Now that the first major snow storm of the season has descended, perhaps a little winter cheer is in order. But how do you convey that through an archive?

Here’s a thought…featuring visually stunning archival exhibition announcements that Meyer Schapiro collected and that are now rehoused, processed, and described.

Leave it to an archivist to think of such a thing, but I’ll leave it to you reader to enjoy the images below.


Claes Oldenburg, The Store: 623 E. 9th Street, 1967


 Dan Flavin, Retrospective, The Jewish Museum, 1970


































50th anniversary of the foundation of Swiss Dadaist movement, La Galerie Krugier & CIE, 1966






























 Lucio Fontana, Martha Jackson Gallery, Inc, 1970