Today’s Google Doodle is a colourful dash to celebrate the 374th birthday of the Danish-born Nicolas Steno, a scientist who was a pioneer in the fields of anatomy and geology. He’s often termed the father of geology and stratigraphy.  Enjoy it!

Here are a few useful Google tips: 

  • When searching Google Scholar set your "Scholar Preferences" to include links from Columbia University Libraries. To do this go to the "Scholar Preferences" and search for "Columbia University Libraries" under the "Library Links" option. By checking the box and saving your preferences; Google Scholar will connect you with Columbia University’s much of the Library’s Full Text subscription content.
  • Searching now has the ability to limit to Articles (including patents); or Legal opinions and journals
  • There are also numerous other ways to specify your (advanced Scholar search)search criteria including: author; date range; words in a phrase or in a title

And remember these other specialized Google search services including:



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