Announcing CLIO Beta

Beginning Monday, January 25, 2010 CLIO Beta will replace CLIO Classic as the primary search tool for Columbia University Libraries.



What does this mean?
CLIO Beta will be the new CLIO interface now. All links to CLIO will take you to the CLIO Beta interface.

Is the search different?
No. CLIO Beta and Classic have exactly the same content. Your searches will get the same results in Beta or Classic. The CLIO Beta Interface will offer you more functionality, though.

What’s new in CLIO Beta?
Here are just a few features to look for in CLIO Beta:

  • A search box on every page
  • ISBN/ISSN searches available in the basic and advanced searches
  • Book covers accompany search results, with up-turned page corners when full- or partial- text is available in Google Books
  • Text or email a the title, location and call number of an item to you cell phone
  • Permanent URLs are available for each record

 What if I still want to use CLIO Classic?
There will be a link from CLIO Beta to CLIO Classic, if you’d prefer to use the previous interface.

CLIO Beta is an evolving search interface. We look forward to your feedback, and will continue to make improvements.

Questions about CLIO Beta? Check CLIO Help, or ask a librarian.