Columbia University Libraries’ “New York Times” Access Remains the Same

The New York Times announced to readers that it will be moving into the world of digital subscriptions beginning March 28, 2011. A number of details addressing how the new subscription model will work are detailed in an FAQ on the Times’ site: there will now be a monthly limit of 20 clickable articles (including blog posts, slide shows, video, and other multimedia features); access to the homepage and section fronts will remain unrestricted; accessibility on mobile devices and e-readers is also explained.

Please note that access to the Columbia University’s Libraries print and electronic subscriptions will remain the same:

UPDATE: The New York Times is offering an initial subscription offer of $.99 for the first 4 weeks. Please visit their offer page for more details.

We will continue to post more information about this change and its impact on Columbia University faculty and students as it becomes available. Additional questions are also being answered on the Times site.