CLIO Search Tips

by Jessica Gentile, Social Media Intern

With the fall semester just around the corner, here are some tips for using CLIO, Columbia University Libraries’ online catalog system. Brush up on searching options before your first research paper hits.

  • Keywords can be entered in any order. It won’t change the outcome of your search. Example: a search for "whales communication" and "communication whales" yields the same results.
  • This tip might sound obvious, but use quotes to search for a phrase. Example: "art of war" or "new york" skyscrapers
  • This one might look odd at first, but use a "?" to search for variant endings. This can be really helpful for getting the most complete results. Example:  a search for "child?" finds child, children, childhood. This even works within words. Example: a search for "lab?r" finds labor, labour, laborer.
  • Don’t use and/or/not between terms; they will be searched as keywords. The less filler, the better.

Looking for art books in Avery? Want the film version of Frankenstein? Use limits to filter a search by format (including videos, music or electronic resources) and library location. For full limits and more keyword search options, use an Advanced search. Check out the handy graphic below to see all advanced search options:

Screen shot 2010-02-10 at 9.39.42 AM