Meet the Librarians: Jeffrey Lancaster

Name: Jeffrey Lancaster

Title: Emerging Technologies Coordinator

Contact Info:

office404 Northwest Corner Bldg,
Science and Engineering Library
mailcode: 4899
phone: 212.851.7138

Library: Digital Science Center, Science and Engineering Library

@ Columbia Since: August 2006 (Ph.D. in Chemistry), with the Libraries since June 2011 

Education Info: 

B.A. Chemistry, Art History – Washington University in St. Louis
B.F.A. Sculpture – Washington University in St. Louis
M.Sc. History of Science, Medicine and Technology – Oxford University
Ph.D. Chemistry – Columbia University

About me: I’m generally interested in the role of technology in scientific research and how the transition to digital media is changing the way libraries are used and conceived.  I’m also interested in information design (infosthetics), taxonomy, emerging uses of social media, and the incorporation of technology in the classroom. 

What’s new at my library: Well, the whole thing is new, really, as of January. We have over 50 PCs and Macs that have a broad range of high-powered software installed. We also have several high-end scanners, a huge flatscreen TV, and Joe’s coffee is right downstairs. 

Personal favorite: Lately I’ve been teaching myself processing.js – a javascript-based platform for visual animation and design. 

Recommended Resources: Anything paper – get it while it lasts!