Map Club — WORKSHOP (Part II) — Introduction to Mapping in D3.js

In its final session of the semester, Map Club embarked upon the second half of a two-part workshop focused on D3.js, a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. This time, participants focused on learning how to render a simple SVG map in the browser, which could serve as the basis for visualizing custom values.
Beginning with a CSV file containing the locations of art galleries within New York City, as well as a GeoJSON file encoding the boundaries of the five boroughs, the workshop guided participants through the process of visualizing the locations of the galleries in the form of a basic dot map.
From top: a dot map visualizing the locations of art galleries in NYC, a snippet of GeoJSON data, the D3.js Mercator projection, the locations of LinkNYC wifi portals by Daniel Chi Cook
Thank you to everyone who participated in Map Club this fall! Until next time, best of luck in your geospatial endeavors.
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