Spring 2017: Bloomberg Introductory Training

As we prepare for the Spring Semester, this is the information to register for The Bloomberg Introductory Training.  The dates for the sessions are as follows:

  • Thursday, Jan 26 @ 2pm– Business Library
  • Friday, Jan 27 @ 10am – Business Library
  • Thursday, Feb. 2nd @ 2pm -Lehman Social Sciences Library
  • Friday, Feb. 3rd @ 10am – Lehman Social Sciences Library
  • Friday, Feb 17th @ 10am – Business Library
  • Thursday, Mar. 2nd @ 2pm – Business Library
  • Friday, Mar. 24th @ 10am – Business Library
  • Friday, April 7th @ 10am – Business Library
  • Thursday, April 13th @ 2pm – Business Library

RSVP @  https://goo.gl/forms/vRbqRMDICx35hnOK2

Please note the locations,  the sessions will be offered at Business or Lehman Social Sciences Library.

As an FYI, the form will automatically notify the business global and generate a confirmation email for the patron.

Lastly, if any of theses times do not work for the patron he/she can request an individual consult via business@library.columbia.edu