R Open Lab Fall 2018 – More Fundamentals

We reviewed a little bit about what is R and R Studio, how they work together and then continued the starter kit of R. First we talked about how to do calculation, commenting and assignment value to variables in R, then we also gave some tricky example to clarify those coding standards such as case sensitivity. The most important part of this open lab was to introduce different classes in R, which would be really useful after understanding this concept. Filtering or slicing is shown by some demonstrated examples and it can be deal with in R in multiple ways. We also started the beginning part of function and loop, and they would be interpreted and practiced in the next session. Hope all of you will get more interests in R and know the fact that how powerful it is in the World of Data
Here is the link to our open lab’s GitHub repository: https://github.com/wbh0912/R-Open-Lab-Fall-2018
If you have further questions regarding topics covered in the material, please feel free to drop in during consultation hours or leave a comment.