Some Friendly Reminders

The first week of the semester is behind us, and as we are all settling into new ways of doing things this would seem to be a good time to remind everyone of the various new services and their associated protocols, policies, and terms of use.

We started our limited seat reservation system for students on August 31, 2020, and it looks like our students are getting used to it fast. We see a steady stream of reservations coming in. While we are delighted to see that the service is working well, do remember to adhere strictly to the terms of use posted on the reservation page, reiterated in the email confirmation, posted near the library entrance, as well as on the check-in sign at the actual seat. It is very important that you check in AND out of your seat. Doing so provides us with data on basis of which we can evaluate the service and determine whether it needs to be changed, or can even be expanded.

At the start of the semester we also started up our local book pick-up service. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, a lot of people are hard at work to expand the service. Eventually we hope to be able to consolidate the service, so you can once again pick up everything you requested in one place, regardless where the material is housed. As yet the service is limited only to material from our stacks in Kent Hall, so remember that all other requested material should still be picked up at Butler Library (east entrance).

BorrowDirect service is also slowly coming back. At present it is still very limited, and only a few member institutions are ready to start up at this time. For the moment, access to BorrowDirect material is only through a request link in CLIO. Soon we hope to have the regular search interface back up, so you can search and request material directly again. Since the Libraries’ shipping department is currently very short of staff, they cannot at present handle the volume of deliveries we were used to, so BorrowDirect material also needs to be picked up at Butler for the time being.

As I wrote last week, with the start of the semester, we further began two new and/or adjusted services related to our rare books and special collections. The new service is a limited reference scanning service from our special collections. This service is meant to provide quick scans for personal research use, and does not replace the high resolution imaging services provided by the Preservation & Digital Conversion Division for a fee. Contact us at to discuss your needs. You can contact us at that same address if you wish to use rare books or special collections on site. We can offer limited hours for that purpose. Contrary to the seat reservations, this service is also available to current faculty and staff. Check out last week’s blog for more details, and feel free to contact us at the above address with any questions you might have.

While we are happy to offer these services, do remember that anyone who wishes to come into campus buildings, including libraries, will be required to comply in full with the Columbia Compact, including getting tested, completing training, signing the Compact, downloading the ReopenCU app, and completing the daily attestation before arrival. If any of these requirements are not fulfilled, access will be denied, regardless of reservations and appointments. You MUST carry and swipe a valid CUID. Without it you will be turned away. This rule applies to all, regardless of status, and no exceptions will be made for anyone.

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