Welcome to the About the Edgar A. Tafel Archive! This blog will document the processing of the archive until its eventual publication in an online finding aid.  Being an apprentice at Taliesin from 1932-1941 and a lively, traveling lecturer as well as an architect led Tafel to meet interesting people and collect unique things. I also intend to highlight some of these fascinating findings and facts.

The Edgar A. Tafel Archive was acquired by the Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library in 2011 (see the whole story here). The archive contains textual records, audio-visual material, and architectural drawings. The textual records are now in the process of organization and description and contain files about Tafel’s personal and professional life.

I find that processing an architect’s archive always leads to many discoveries. It is intriguing how one can begin to understand how architects lived and worked through their archive. I hope that this blog can be a dialogue between other archivists and researchers.

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  1. Awesome!  I am excited to follow the project's progression. Great work!

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