Tafel house to be demolished?

From http://my.journaltimes.com/post/wright-in-racine/newlydiscovered_tafel_home_may_be_razed.htmlA house designed by Edgar Tafel between 1948-50 is being threatened to be demolished. The house was originally designed for Carl and Marie Albert and is found at 4945 N. Main Street, in Racine, Wisconsin.

Read the original article here. A correction to the article states that the house may have been a collaboration between Tafel and others.

The Tafel archive contains his project files and drawings. The project files are in cue to be processed; it is possible that more information on the Albert House will be found!

Any updates on the house will be posted!


Photo from http://my.journaltimes.com/post/wright-in-racine/newlydiscovered_tafel_home_may_be_razed.html

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