Monthly Archives: March 2011 is now live!

Thanks to Stephen Davis, Patricia Renfro, Damon Jaggars, and Bob Wolven, who worked with us to make this project a reality. Thanks to everyone in LDPD for their support and assistance, particularly Joanna DiPasquale, Dmitri Laury, Stuart Marquis, Erik Ryerson, and Donna Sy.

Please report any problems you find using our website problem report form on SWIFT:

Over the next week, we will be monitoring the site, updating the things we know need to be updated, and making necessary tweaks.We will begin scheduling training sessions the week after spring break. I will be in touch that week with contributors as I build the schedule.

We are planning a CUL/IS Open House to celebrate the change and will be in touch with details.  





Going Live Friday at 5:00!

We are launching the Libraries’ Website (LWeb) via CQ this Friday, 11 March 2011, at 5:00 p.m!

Reminder: This Friday, 11 March 2011, the Libraries website (LibraryWeb) will be relaunched via our new web CMS with the new URL Traffic will begin being redirected at 5:01 p.m., although it will take some time before the entire site is up and running. We will provide more details about the launch through the weekend and the coming weeks. 

We will be monitoring the site and making necessary changes throughout the weekend. Over the week of Spring Break (14 – 18 March), we will be soliciting your feedback and asking you to review the site. I will be posting information about site review and testing tomorrow.

Please note: as mentioned in previous posts and announcements, Area Studies (including the WWW Virtual Library sites) links will remain the same until further notice.

LWeb Moves to a New Web CMS

This week LibraryWeb will move to a new web content management system, CQ. We are in the process of testing the Libraries’ website on its new platform and plan to "go live" Friday, 11 March 2011.  We’re very excited about the new platform and the new domain.  One of the most obvious changes that you will notice are the new URLs! 

The libraries web address will now be:

The new Alumni Friends site, also managed using CQ, has been live since January.  Its domain is also new:

After we roll out the new site this coming weekend (and throughout spring break), it will be a great time to check your bookmarks, email signatures, and other places where you store and send URLs.  If they are from the Libraries’ website, they’ll need to be updated. (Note: Area Studies links will remain the same until further notice.)

For library staff that answer questions via channels such as VRef, CUL-Suggestions, etc., please be aware of the URLs you send.  If you have "canned" responses, please check them carefully!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Should I change my resolver URL (example: or mnemonic URL (example: links?
    • No. Resolver URLs and mnemonic URLs will not need to be changed.  For mnemonic URLs, you may wish to use the even-more-friendly new URL.
  • What if I come across an old link? How do I fix it?
    • We’re hoping that this won’t happen very often.  We are redirecting traffic from the old site to the new in the hope that we won’t have broken links.  Inevitably, though, there may be a few that slip through the cracks.  Please send along links that you find pointing to our old site to
  • When I do a Google search for a page, the old URL is returned.  How do I fix this?
    • The best way to update search engines such as Google is through the redirects mentioned above.  You may see our old URLs in search engines for a short time, but they should gradually be replaced by our new URLs.
  • I use SWIFT (or BTS) primarily — what should I do?
    • Absolutely nothing — for now!  We’ll be migrating SWIFT and BTS content soon, and our URLs will change at that point.  For now, however, there will be no changes to either site.
  • Will the URL for CLIO change?
    • No, the URL for CLIO will remain the same.