Launching the New StaffWeb

Welcome to the new StaffWeb site,!  Besides the new look and feel, some other things are noticeably different. It was determined by content owners that some of the content in the old site was no longer needed, so that content is not there. Work is still underway to complete the transition. If you notice that some things are not yet there, please send email to The forms have not yet been completely migrated, and other content may need to be incorporated.

A link to the old SWIFT site is available in the Spotlight area on the new homepage, so you can continue your migration efforts and check the content. We know there are still some things missing from the new StaffWeb site, such as some of the forms and website search. Please let us know if you haven't been able to finish migrating your content, so we can respond to questions and alert staff to what is still missing. The sites will be up in tandem for some time during this transition to ensure that issues and problems can be identified and addressed as needed.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to our transition!
A special thanks for our hard-working contributors who migrated their own content into CQ!
Thanks to the content owners for reviewing all the pages and identifying the content that needed to be kept!
Thanks to Yasmin Salehizadeh for her help with content migration, Dmitri Laury, Eric O'Hanlon, and Erik Ryerson for building the site, to Erik Ryerson for the new design, and to Candice Kail for managing the entire process.

Thank you all for your patience with this transition! Enjoy the new site!

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