New Training and Review Website

One of the many places to which we’ve applied the new LibraryWeb design is the Training and Review area within CQ. This is the place which is used as a practice area during CQ training sessions, and can be used for a variety of content development scenarios at any time afterwards.

Every CQ content contributor has their own content tree in the Training and Review area, which by default includes sample pages for both LibraryWeb and StaffWeb. If you’d like to use this space to develop content for Alumni/Friends or BTS, just send a request to the WCM Help Desk and we’ll provide you a set of sample pages with the appropriate design.

This is a great place to experiment with different ways of arranging content on your pages, and for trying out new or unfamiliar components. One common use of this space is as a place to develop an entirely new page or set of pages. Often when developing new content, or making major revisions to existing pages, it’s useful to have a way to present your work to others (who may not have access to CQ) before placing your new content in the official LibraryWeb content tree. It is now possible to navigate through pages published on the Training and Review site, making it much easier to review the content you’ve developed in your personal area:

  1. In CQ, develop new content in your personal folder in the Training and Review content tree.
  2. Activate the page(s) you want others to review.
  3. Go to the published Training and Review site. (We encourage you to bookmark it!)
  4. Navigate to your personal area and locate the page(s) you want to share with others.
  5. Copy and paste the URL of the published page(s) into an email to give others direct access to the pages you’d like them to review.

If you need to restrict access to the published pages, for example to people with Columbia IDs, or if you need any other type of assistance using the Training and Review site, please contact the WCM Help Desk.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new Training and Review site, and learn how you think you might use this in your content development efforts. If you have any ideas about how we can improve this area and make it more useful to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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