Writing for the Web Seminar Series Wrap-Up

Thanks to all who attended the Creating Content & Writing for the Web Seminar Series! I found it really valuable to hear your insights and read your feedback, and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. Here’s to Content as UX!

I’m working on pulling together all of the materials we used into blog posts. In the meantime, I’ve attached my slides from session two and session three, as well as my initial working bibliography.

I’m also exploring ways to share online resources effectively. I’m going to start with the Blog Roll and see how quickly that becomes overwhelming!

I’ve been thinking more about content as user experience, and how our content is the reason our users return again and again. The conversations we have with our online community are really key, and valuably contribute to our endeavors to create communities of research, teaching, learning, and inquiry (thanks CCNMTL rewired!). I’m finding new materials on digital writing, which will impact the next seminar series and which I will share (once I’ve had time to digest the ideas a little more thoroughly).


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