Reserves Policies

Materials placed on reserves may be requested at the circulation desk. Anyone with access privileges to the Library may check out reserves materials for Library use.


Loan Period

-Reserves materials circulate for two hours before 3 pm, Monday – Thursday.


-After 3 pm Monday – Thursday, regular reserves items circulate overnight and are due at 10 am the following day.


-Friday, Saturday and Sunday, regular reserves items circulate overnight all day and are due Monday at 10 am.


-Last copies always circulate for two hour intervals.


Location: 130 Uris
Telephone: (212) 854-7804



Overdue Fines


-Overdue fines for reserves items are $1.00 per hour or part thereof to a maximum of $50.00.


-If an item is not returned and the library considers it lost, standard replacement ($70.00) and processing ($30.00) fees will be added to the fines.


-If the costs to replace the item exceed $100, individuals will be charged the actual replacement cost, in addition to any related overdue fines.



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