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New database: GMI Analyst

GMI Analyst “is a comprehensive web-based platform providing research, ratings, real-time updates, robust search functionality and analytical tools to help clients assess issuer risk.  The research platform provides:

  • ESG ratings, research and real-time updates on about 6,000 companies worldwide based on 150 carefully selected risk factors (ESG KeyMetrics®)
  • AGR® ratings, research and real-time updates on about 18,000 companies worldwide based on more than 50 discrete risk factors
  • Environmental performance data from Trucost, the world’s leading provider of comparative data on corporate environmental impacts, including Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), water, waste, pollutants and natural resource dependency.
  • Unique data on litigation and financial-distress risk
  • Daily and weekly updates, quarterly ratings reviews and event-driven analysis
  • Robust search functionality, screening and analytical tools, including WatchLists, Portfolio Analysis, Alerts, Industry Browser, and peer-group analysis.
  • Regular support of GMI Analyst functionality and tools.”

— From the publisher