Blog Post 2.0

Well, I am naming this as Blog Post 2.0, as there has been a serious revamping in terms of my project goals. Firstly, the work on 3D-modelling software is done. I will no longer be talking more about that. My whole focus will be on the data collection software, i.e. Suma. Oh wait, that’s off the table as well.

Will (my advisor) and I have come to a conclusion that after numerous failed attempts at implementing Suma, we will work on our own platform for data collection, which will be molded according to the needs of the Science and Engineering Library, and would be scalable enough, so that other libraries can, with some amount of work, implement this platform there as well.

Currently, the work that has been done is that I have created an array of 6 Library computers, and the librarians can just click on each computer to indicate that it is being used, or double click to indicate that the seat is occupied, but the PC is not being used and a personal Laptop is being used instead.

The next things that I am working on is to add the possibility of indicating that a certain PC is non-functional, and storing that information through different sessions of data collection.

The website is up and running (alpha-version) on

Lastly, let me introduce you to an amazing website that I used for the initial development of this website. It’s called, and it allows you to type in code for HTML5, CSS, and JS on the same portal, and it incorporates the code as soon as you complete typing. So, for the sake of testing, it is quite good a platform.

Hoping to complete a lot more by Blog Post 2.1

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