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Smiles, Samuel. Lives of the engineers, v. 1 Early engineers. New York : Scribner, 1905.

Vallès, Jules. Le bachelier. Paris : E. Fasquelle, 1913.

Vallès, Jules. L’insurgé. Paris : Eugène Fasquelle, 1914.

Moigno, Abbé (François Napoléon Marie). Les splendeurs de la foi, t. 2. Paris : Librairie des Mondes, 1879.

Brock, Alan St. H. (Alan St. Hill). Pyrotechnics. London : D. O’Connor, 1922.

New York Mercantile Union business directory. New York : French & Platt, Henshaw, 1850.

Felton, Ralph A. (Ralph Almon). A sociological study of the Syrians in Greater New York. 1912.

Danville, Gaston. Hē Psychologia tou erōtos. Athēnai : Ekdotikos oikos Ho Homēros Spuridōvnos G. Pristourē, [189-?].

Lewis, Virgil Anson. How West Virginia was made. [Charleston, W. V. : News-Mail Co., Public Printer], 1909.

Kincaid, C. A. (Charles Augustus). Ishtur Phakde a gallant Englishman and other studies. Bombay : Times Press, 1917.

Weston, D. C., Mrs. Jewish antiquities, geographical, domestic, political, and religious. New York : Gen. Prot. Episc. S.S. Union and Church Book Society, 1866.

Goncourt, Edmond de. La Faustin. Paris : Bibliothèque-Charpentier, 1892.

Conscience, Hendrik. La guerre des paysans. Paris : Calmann Lévy, 1887.

Lyell, Charles. Lectures on geology. New York : Greeley & McElrath, 1843.

Revue du monde musulman. Les Musulmans français et la guerre. Paris : Ernest Leroux, 1915.

Hostos, Eugenio María de. Moral social. Madrid : Impr. de Bailly-Bailliere é Hijos, 1906.

Butler, Nicholas Murray. Philosophy. New York : The Columbia University Press, 1911.

King, John William. Pilot’s handbook for the English channel. London : [printed by William Clowes and Son], 1874.

United States. Work Projects Administration. Questions and answers on the W.P.A. Washington, D.C. : [U.S. G.P.O., 1939]

Random thoughts. New York City : Composite Printing Co., 1899.

Egypt Exploration Society. Report of the … ordinary general meeting, subscription list and balance sheets. 2nd annual (1883/84), 7th-9th annual (1888/89-1890-91), 16th-19th annual (1897/98-1900/01). London [etc.]

v. 2, 7-9:

v. 16-19:

Schwemer, Richard. Restauration und Revolution. Leipzig : B.G. Teubner, 1916.

Church of Ireland. Short papers on the Irish Church question. London : Church Institution, [ca. 1869].

Hook, Theodore Edward. The choice humorous works, ludicrous adventures, bons mots, puns and hoaxes of Theodore Hook. London : Chatto and Windus, 1889.

Koldewey, Robert. The excavations at Babylon. London : Macmillan and Co., 1914.

Jeremias, Friedrich. Tyrus bis zur Zeit Nebukadnezar’s. Leipzig : B.G. Teubner, 1891.

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Lytton, Edward Bulwer Lytton.  Lord Lytton’s novels. v. 18. London ; New York : George Routledge and Sons, 1875.  v. 18:

Streckfuss, Adolf. De geschiedenis der wereld, aan het volk verhaald. v. 6, 9. Leiden : Van den Heuvell & Van Santen, 1866-1877.

v. 6:

v. 9:

New Jersey State Prison. Report of the New Jersey State Prison. 1899.

Jackson, Charles T. (Charles Thomas). Report on the geological and mineralogical survey of the mineral lands of the United States in the State of Michigan… [Washington : Printed for the Senate, 1849].

Samné, Georges. La Syrie, avec 30 photographies et 6 cartes hors texte. Paris : Bossard, 1920.

Recueil des historiens des croisades: Historiens grecs. v. 2., 5. Paris : Imprimerie royale [puis] Imprimerie impériale [puis] Imprimerie nationale, 1841-1906.

Historiens occidentaux v.5:

Historiens grecs v.2:

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Violet, Thomas.  To the supream authority the Parliament of England. [London? : s.n., 1659]

Episcopal Church. Diocese of Central New York. Laws and usages in all the states. Utica, N.Y. : Curtiss & Childs, [1875?]


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