Joel Larus Book Fund Established at Columbia University

This year, South Asia collection development at Columbia University was enriched by a new charitable book fund, for acquiring materials related to India’s foreign policy following independence, including issues of national security and maritime affairs. The Joel Larus Book Fund is being distributed from the Community Fund of Sarasota County on an annual basis. Joel Larus is a political science specialist with South Asia expertise, and a Columbia University alumnus (Ph.D., 1960).  We are grateful to Joel Larus for his contributions to the Columbia University library collections.

One thought on “Joel Larus Book Fund Established at Columbia University

  1. J.G. ("Jim") Collins

    Dr. Larus was my professor of International Politics and International Organization at NYU; I’m Class of ’81. He inspired a life-long love affair with the topics and his excellent groundwork led me to continue to read even more.

    An OUTSTANDING professor, a fine man, and one of my most early mentors. He is beloved by me and a number of others who were my student contemporaries with whom I have kept in touch.

    Let me know how I can contribute.


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