About the Working Group

Stephen Davis, Chair of the Working Group & Director of the Libraries Digital Program Division
Stephen Davis, Chair of the Working Group, is the Director of the Libraries Digital Program Division and has overseen a number of Columbia University Libraries website redesign projects during his tenure. 

Candice Kail, Project Manager & Web Services Librarian
Candice Kail brings information architecture, web redesign, and reference librarian experience to the Libraries Website Redesign Project. Some of the websites she has worked to re-architect and redesign include NYU's Information Technology Services, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute. Prior to becoming a librarian, Candice was a technical writer and editor for multimedia publications, and managed both print and online design projects.       

Dmitri Laury, Developer
Dmitri Laury is a web developer in the Libraries Digital Program Division.  He'll be overseeing the integration of the new design into the Libraries' web cms and other web applications.  This is his third LibraryWeb redesign project.

Erik Ryerson, Designer
Erik Ryerson is the Web Designer/Front-End Developer for the Libraries Website Redesign Project.

David Walczyk, Usability and Information Architecture Consultant
David Walczyk has his Ph.D. from Columbia University in Communication and Education. He is a usability and information architecture expert who has worked in the field and has also taught courses in Information Architecture and Interactive Design, the Usability of Digital Information, and People-Centered Methods and Design as part of Pratt Institute's School of Information & Library Science. 

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