Known Issues

  • The images on many pages will not be correctly sized, due to the requirements for the site to be built using responsive design. Please Note: Content contributors will need to review their images and make size adjustments as needed on the Appearance tab of the image component. 
  • There is a bug with the Image Component dialog where occasionally the image size settings drop-down stops working.  Workaround: Reloading the page re-enables the drop-down
  • The CSS (Style Sheets) are still being finalized and fine-tuned. Not all the content will look as it should (Printer Friendly links, for example, are currently displaying as text but will be replaced soon with a new icon). 
  • All the home pages for the libraries have been adapted to the new design and are using some of the new layout functions. Pages below these top-level library pages have not been reviewed or updated to work with the new layout.  While the content was migrated into the new site programmatically, we will be relying on help from our content contributors to review and rework their pages to ensure that all content is working within the new layout before we launch publicly.
  • Work has begun to adapt the content of top-level pages and for many of the sections to the new design but is ongoing. 
  • Individual services coming from systems outside the Web Content Management System (WCM), such as Hours, Course Reserves, the interactive Libraries’ Map, all forms (ILL, etc.), Secure LibraryWeb Pages, the blogs, and external services do not yet reflect the new design. We will be updating those and will communicate about the changes we are making.
  • The “Link to RSS Version” component is not functioning properly.  We’ll be fixing this over the next couple of weeks.
  • The “Link to Social Networks” component is in the process of being updated.  A new version will be in place in the next few days.
  • LibraryWeb folders for individual users in the “Review” area of CQ have not been updated to the new design.  These folders will be updated over the next few days.
  • CourseWorks guides are still being transformed and are not yet ready to be edited.


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