Announcing RBML’s Fall Curatorial Short Lineup



The RBML is happy to announce the fall schedule of Curatorial Shorts. We look forward to seeing you at the talks and you can register ahead using the webinar links below. 

Our line-up this year will include in September a short talk by Thai Jones and Melina Moe on the current exhibition in the Kempner Gallery, entitled “Social Climates: Power and the Environment in the Archives,” which is a broad consideration of RBML collections from ancient papyri to activist materials articulating the Green New Deal vision.
In October, we will have poetry scholar Iva Moore speak about the recently acquired Lucie Brock-Broido collection. The collection includes notebooks, drafts and unpublished poems of a poet whom Helen Vendler, in writing to the RBML to support the acquisition, called “one of the very few original voices in poetry, not only of her generation, but of the twentieth century.”    
November’s talk with Kaoukab Chebaro will showcase manuscripts and scientific instruments from RBML’s collections around the Muslim World Manuscripts, highlighting the complex and diverse collecting that has occurred at our libraries throughout the decades. The concurrent RBML exhibition in the Kempner Gallery illuminates the advances made by Islamic scientists and how these collections can be better activated as pedagogical tools at Columbia.
Finally, in December, we welcome Yingwen Huang who will speak about printing techniques and how to date Chinese books from changing colophon formats over time. Ying will draw on examples from the RBML collection to show how updating RBML cataloging practices can illuminate the depth– and absences– in the existing Columbia collections.