Library Orientation continues

C.V. Starr East Asian Library, 300 Kent Hall

Orientation Fall 2015 week 2

This week, and into next week, we are offering orientation sessions for all our languages. Come and find out about all the wonderful resources we have available, learn the basics of identifying and using them, and get up to speed for your next research project or paper. No sign-up necessary. All sessions will be approximately one hour, and take place in our Kress Seminar Room.

                   Tuesday, September 15                   10:30 am       General (western-language) resources

                   Wednesday, September 16             12:00 pm       Korean resources

                   Thursday, September 17                 2:00 pm         Chinese resources

                   Friday, September 18                      12:30 pm       Tibetan resources

                   Tuesday, September 22                  2:00 pm         Japanese resources

We also continue to offer 20-30 minute tours of our physical space. Please join us for any of the following dates and times, and learn to find your way around. No sign-up necessary. All tours start at the library’s front desk.

                 Tuesday, September 15                   10:30 am                   3:00 pm

                 Wednesday, September 16             10:30 am                   3:00 pm

                 Thursday, September 17                 10:30 am                   3:00 pm

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