Update on the stacks

Following up on our message of September 17 about the flood incident in the library stacks, here are some updates and instructions about access to books and other materials.

The damage is extensive, and a significant number of books were shipped out for treatment. While recovery, repair and cleaning work is in progress the stacks will remain closed.

All items that were shipped out will be marked as unavailable so they can be requested through BorrowDirect and Interlibrary Loan.

For material remaining in the stacks we will start paging services from Saturday September 22 according to the following schedule:

Requests received by 11am (Monday-Friday) will be available by 1pm

Requests received by 6pm (Sunday-Thursday) will be available by 8pm

Requests received by 10pm (Monday-Thursday) will be available the next day 10am

Requests received by 2pm on Saturday will be available by 4pm

We ask that you use the search feature in CLIO for your requests. It is called “Item not on shelf?” and can be found under the Request tab above the catalog record (see illustration).









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