A Newly-Discovered Catalogue by Desi Sanggye Gyatso (1653-1705)











The Ethnic Library of China at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities in Beijing holds some 4,000 rare Tibetan manuscript and print books. Mr. Jampa, a graduate of the Northwest Nationalities University (Lanzhou), spent several years cataloging these materials and as Associate Research Librarian is now coordinating efforts to publicize the collection. In this talk, he will discuss a heretofore unknown catalog by Desi Sanggyé Gyatso (1653-1705), famous for his role as regent of the Fifth Dalai Lama and effective ruler of the Ganden government following the latter’s concealed death.  The catalog serves as evidence of plans for a widescale woodblock printing project, which never fully materialized but nevertheless records the titles of many manuscripts brought to the Potala Palace for the purposes of this endeavor.

Please note the early starting time: 10:30am.  We hope you can join us!

Lauran Hartley

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