A Frances Perkins anniversary gift to oral history…

Frances Perkins at work for the Factory Investigation Commission, circa 1911.
Frances Perkins Papers, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University


It’s safe to say — by volume of patron requests — Frances Perkins‘ 5,500+ word oral history is one of the most requested interviews in the Oral History Archives at Columbia’s collections.

Today, March 4th, marks the anniversary of Perkin’s appointment to the U.S. Cabinet as Secretary of Labor in 1933.

In honor of this occasion, and recognizing demand for Perkin’s oral history interview, here’s a .zip file* containing all five parts of this momentous interview.

Update: these materials are now accessible via the Libraries’ Digital Collections.

*Unfamiliar with .zip files and how to use them? See these instructions from The National Institute of Mental Health Information Resource Center.