Events | Oral History Master’s Program’s focus on methodology

Our oral history teaching colleagues in Columbia’s master’s program will be hosting their lively and boundary-pushing workshop series again this Fall. This year’s theme is “Experiments in Oral History Methodology.”

Oral history as a research tool has been at times almost synonymous with a certain kind of interviewing: one-on-one, biographical, long-form, recorded, and intended for the archive. 

In this series of events, we will explore other approaches to doing oral history, from using scuba diving to record the stories of underwater landscapes to creating chatbots to elicit oral histories and using AI to make sense of how interviews work.

Events will take place on Thursday evenings (ET) from 6-7:30PM, and where possible each event will include a hands-on experience or interactive space to try out and reflect on these new approaches.

Event details and registration are available from the Oral History Master’s Program’s website.