Another one down

Another semester under our belts!  We had an average of 3.9 printing requests per week, a lot of fossils and pedagogical items.  Another great semester for the service!

We’re still around in the summer so if you have any ideas, please send them our way.

And congratulations to all the graduates this week!

Recently Printed

Howler monkey mandible:

Microscope adapter kit for mobile phone:

As always, please note that we cannot guarantee delivery by a given deadline, so if you have something you’d like to print for a project, try to submit it as early as you can.

“Recently” Printed

Here are a few items from last semester:

A kitty to watch over you while you study:


A tool part for a Columbia Space Initiative project, printed in two different orientations — depending on the stresses a particular piece might encounter, having the print done in one orientation or another can make a difference in durability and performance:


David‘s head, judging you a little: