CUL Marketing Grants Awarded

The Assessment & Marketing Librarian is thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2008-09 CUL Marketing Grants.

  • Lauran Hartley, Tibetan Studies Librarian, C.V. Starr East Asian Library
    Lauran’s marketing initiative will promote a two-day workshop encouraging graduate students to consider the Himilayas as an area of research, partially by promoting the outstanding collections here at Columbia University Libraries, including Tibetological research materials, GIS resources, and archives. Lauran will reach out to graduate students at Columbia University, NYU, CUNY, the New School, and Rutgers University by creating posters and placing ads in the Columbia Spectator.

    Jeremiah Trinidad-Christensen and Chengzhi Wang will also work on this project.

  • Yelena Rizkin, Supervisor, Butler Library Access Services
    Yelena will publish a stack guide for the Butler Stacks, in the form of a graphic novel. This guide, aimed at patrons new to the stacks, particularly undergraduates, will be in a graphic novel format, and will help patrons find answers to typical questions about using the Butler Stacks.

  • Alysse Jordan, Social Work Librarian, Social Science Division
    Alysse and the entire Social Science Division will host a Grand Opening Event for the Digital Social Science Center (DSSC) in the Fall of 2008. The DSSC will be a new collaborative computing space, located in Lehman Library. Faculty and students in the social science disciplines will be invited to attend the event, which will showcase the new capabilities offered at the DSSC.

  • Fadi Dagher, Reference and Collection Development, Lehman Social Science Library
    Fadi will use the marketing grant to supplement his outreach by providing “give aways” in his orientation and bibliographic instruction sessions. By offering pens with his contact information printed on them, he will provide students with a life line back to him, and his subject expertise, long after orientations have faded into distant memory.

Grants were awarded to marketing initiatives which showed creativity and ambition, and were able to communicate an excitement about the subject matter and populations that they target. They were also practical, well-researched, and focused on the impact of the marketing initiative.

Each grant recipient will receive up to $1000.00 from the Communications Budget to fund their initiative during the 08/09 fiscal year.

Congratulations to the Grant recipients!

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