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Photojournalism on the Web

From the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), here is an excellent guide to photojournalism links –

Photojournalism on the Web: A guide for practicing and student photojournalists

Also, check out 10 x 10, a site that uses RSS feeds of news from across the web and presents the photos associated with the headlines. It’s an interesting way to watch stories as they break.

Photo/Multimedia Archive Resources

Just a couple of photo/multimedia archive resources:

AP/Accunet Multimedia Archive – This resource is an archive of Associated Press photographs from 1844 to the present, audio files of radio broadcasts, text of wire stories (access restricted to Columbia affiliates)

Internet Archive – The Internet Archive is a nonprofit founded in 1996 that provides access to historical collections that exist in digital format (audio, video, software, etc.).  Try the WayBack Machine – remember getting pints of Ben&Jerry’s delivered to your door through http://www.urbanfetch.com?  Step back in time to view archives of websites no longer in existence!

Resource Spotlight: AP Multimedia Archive

Haven’t tried the AP Multimedia Archive yet?  (Access restricted to current Columbia affiliates.)  Here’s some of what you’re missing…

  • Photographs taken by AP photographers, back to 1844, searchable by caption (try keywords Lincoln funeral car, then click Search)
  • Radio reports (try keyword Hindenburg, click the “Audio” option on the left-hand menu, then click Search)
  • Info-graphics (try keyword nuclear, click the “Graphics PDF” options on the left-hand menu, then click Search)
  • But wait, there’s more!  If you click the “Help” link from the left menu, you can find out how to do special searches of photos, by concept, color, and more…

    Don’t forget, this material is copyrighted to the Associated Press.  If you use it in a school project, credit the AP Multimedia Archive.  And if you want to sell a piece, you must seek clearance from the AP if you are incorporating their work into yours.