CLIO beta: Placing Requests

In CLIO beta, request options are listed in the right sidebar.  Here are some options, with approximate turn-around times:

  • Offsite: When something is at Offsite, you may have the physical item delivered to campus, or ask that an article or chapter be scanned and delivered electronically.  Requests are generally filled within 2 business days.
  • Borrow Direct: When all copies of a book are checked-out, try Borrow Direct for delivery from a partner library within 4 business days.
  • ILL: For articles, videos, microfilm, music, and any items not available through Borrow Direct. Delivery times range from a few business for articles days to several weeks or more for items in foreign libraries.
  • Recall: Recalled items are generally available within 2 weeks.
  • Hold: In most cases, placing a hold is not a reliable way to get a book.  Placing a hold means only that the book cannot be renewed, and will be held for you when it is returned.  But if you place a hold, and someone else places a recall after you, the recall will take precedence over your hold, so it is always best to place a recall when possible.  If you do place a hold, be sure to extend the default expiration date, or your hold may expire before the book is due.