Medieval Studies: Finding Secondary Sources Online

There are several resources online for identifying secondary literature: articles, books, dissertations, etc.  It is prudent to take advantage of all of these resources for a given topic, rather than relying on a single resource to provide all possible results.
Chained library, Hereford Cathedral
International Medieval Bibliography Online
Bibliography de Civilisation Médiévale
The International Medieval Bibliography (IMB) and the Bibliography de Civilisation Médiévale (BCM) index articles and monographs, respectively.  They are cross-searchable from a single interface.  The IMB covers all aspects of medieval studies within the date range of 400 to 1500 for the entire continent of Europe,  and for the Christian Middle East and North Africa, indexing articles beginning in 1967.  The BCM indexes monographs in the same areas, beginning in 1957.
Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance
The Iter Bibliography indexes a wide range of journals and essay collections in all scholarly disciplines for the period 400 to 1700.  The main page of the Iter Gateway offers a wide variety of bibliographical tools and e-books of interest to those studying the late medieval and early modern periods.
Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index
A free resource that indexes journal articles, book reviews, and essay collections on the topic of women, gender, and sexuality for Europe and the Christian Middle East and North Africa in the years from 450 to 1500.
JSTOR provides full-text PDFs of over 1000 journals in over 60 disciplines.  Coverage of each title begins with volume 1 and continues to a rolling wall of approximately five years ago.  As a result, JSTOR is not a good resource for current scholarship.  Searching in JSTOR is best suited for very specific events, places, or people.
ProQuest Digital Dissertations
The bibliographies of dissertations are extremely useful.  This database allows searching of titles and abstracts for nearly every American dissertation since 1861.  Dissertations deposited since 1995 may well be available in PDF format.  Foreign dissertations may be requested via Interlibrary Loan from the Center for Research Libraries.

 For more information on any of these resources, on supplementing these with print resources, or on research in medieval studies generally, please contact:

Karen Green
Karen Green
Ancient & Medieval History and Religion Librarian